About Us


Strong steps

J2L Partners was founded in 2012 by a group of executives with extensive experience as CEOs, CFOs, company advisors and investment managers.

Our objective was to make the best of this experience we have in leading major operations to identify market opportunities and for business development. In a short period of time we built a strong portfolio of projects and extended our offerings to assist companies in the development of investment theses and in mergers and acquisitions. This gave J2L recognition for its fulfillment capacity and for its commitment to delivering results.

We are very proud of the bridges that we have built over the past decade of joint collaboration. These bridges have reduced the distance between good ideas, profitable business and investments. They have also allowed us to accomplish our mission in generating value for our partners and shareholders and in developing trustworthy relationships with investors and partners from different sectors.



We have taken part in some of the main investment projects in Brazil over the past 30 years.


Active participation in
numerous negotiation tables.

Understanding of the context

We have the ability to dialogue with a complete understanding of both sides of the negotiation.


We pursue the best conditions in the closing of deals with regards to timing and value, always guided by impartiality and in line with our clients’ interests.

Operational and
strategic excellence

We are committed to generating
value and to delivering
the agreed results.

Significant access to decision makers

We have access to decision makers of the country’s main investment groups.


We are J2L Partners!

A multidisciplinary team composed of economists, engineers, lawyers and business managers.
We have proven experience by participating in the main investment projects in Brazil over the last 30 years and by the strong relationship that we have with banks, investors, asset management companies and private equity funds.

– Strong relationship with banks, investors, asset management companies and private equity funds.

– Experience and active participation at negotiation tables.

– Operational and strategic excellence.

– Permanent mapping of the market, opportunities, investment theses and synergies.


João Lanza

Member of Board and Founder of J2L Partners, Founding Director of Mundinvest CTVM.

Líbano Barroso

Member of Board and Founder of J2L Partners and CEO at Rodobens

Lúcio Otávio

Member of Board of Directors, CEO and Founder of J2L Partners.


André Burlamaqui

Head of Structuring and Analysis.


Legal Head

Maurício Simões

Head of Business Development


Trainee at the M&A and Project Structuring department.

João Marcos Aleixo



We develop business, mergers and acquisitions, financial consulting, asset management and innovation, but above all we develop long-term and trustworthy relationships.

Our work is guided by impartiality and independence and we are committed to the agreements and results settled with our clients.
Commitment to agreements and results

Trustworthy and
long-term relationships

Excellence in

Alignment with the client’s
 strategic agenda


What we believe in.

Understanding and alignment —

When it comes to business development and equity investments we consider the DNA and growth strategy of companies where new fronts are being opened.

We work with full impartiality, independence and commitment to the agreements and results settled with our clients.

Focus on generating value
for our clients and partners —

When working on the sell side of an M&A process we strive to gain a complete understanding of the business and of the particular market. The same occurs when we are on the buy side, working in tune with our client’s investment strategy.

A high-quality and professional
evaluation is the starting point
for a good business deal —

Our company evaluation process is highly professional and thorough. It is intended to lead to an ideal business deal that we define as “an agreement with conditions considered satisfactory for both sides, both in terms of timeframes and in terms of financial and non-financial aspects”.

Long-term relationships —

We do not intend to profit with one-off deals. We build trustworthy relationships to create recurring value-generating opportunities for our clients and partners.