Compromise, innovation and strategic partnerships

Business Development

J2L Partners has a segment focused on business development with equity and through strategic partnerships. These projects are pioneering, innovative and with high expectations of return, aiming to supply market gaps.

Research and investment thesis

Proactive origination from: ideas, market research and relationships. Investment thesis development based on deep industry and economic analysis, understanding the financial viability of the business: maximum capital exposure, leverage opportunities and expected return.

Structuring and implementation

Initial budget construction, fund raising with financial and strategic investors, partnership and corporate vehicle creation, governance design and development of business execution plan.

Development and Ramp up

Extensive study for identification and subsequent acquisition of Greenfields and brownfields, project development, construction and contract management. Identification of an ideal organization chart and key people, formation of this team, development and market research, and structuring the corporate culture of business.

Exit strategies

Sale of shareholding to Private Equity Funds and / or strategic investors. Preparation for access to the capital market (IPO) and  access market to smaller companies (BOVESPA Mais).